Vaccine passports are old news (yellow fever anyone?) so what’s all the fuss about Covid 19 vaccination passports? The solution is very simple with blockchain. Here is an example of how it works:

Photo: Amanda Bartel

Vaccinations and travelling

There has been much discussion about the issues of allowing people to travel using vaccination proof of record passports and the reticence of many countries to implement them, such as: cost, privacy, and it seems inverted snobbery too. And yet proof of vaccination has been required by many countries since the 18th Century.

Imagine if every company in the world used one blockchain for recording all their accounting records, a bit like using one version of QuickBooks?

// * As an accountant who audited listed companies with leather bound ledgers, learned Lotus 123 backwards before my skills were made redundant by Excel, I soon left the profession because it was dull, frustrating and stressful. I was trained to help companies grow, not to correct historical mistakes, reallocate expenses or write off unexplained reconciling items. I tired of accounting systems with UIs designed by people who had no accounting experience and processes that took…

Personal blockchains on devices

Stor3, One of the world’s first blockchain apps

“To allow you to be in control of your credentials and share them and revoke them whenever you need to — something like that getting started either within professional qualifications or education could be the kicker that a number of industries start to follow.” — Chris Clements, senior development manager, new ventures and blockchain at PWC.

We’ve recently seen new frontiers for blockchain at the Blockchain Expo in London. Blockchain for Finance, Ethical Blockchains and an ongoing drive to mainstream adoption are curving the drive of new security. …

Our Exclusive Crowdcube Reward

GDO Token

GDO is short for Grandeo. It is an Ethereum based credit that can be used to purchase services and products within Stor3 and other Grandeo products. The credit allows users to reduce their financial risk and third party financial information through a decentralised currency platform.

This changes everything…

What if we told you that almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyberattack or security breach in 2018? What if we told you, 70% of US consumers worry about being hacked? Would you believe it? The current volume of cyber-attacks on UK businesses in Q1 2019 and was up 122 per cent year-on-year and it’s only getting higher.

What’s to be done?

The slow adoption to blockchain security is gradually affecting company security. But we thought, what if we can make an app for everybody? An app designed for the public to take back control of their data. …

One of the world’s first blockchain apps

How Stor3 will change everything…

Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash

In the near future

A baby is born. Its DNA is taken via swab, an 18MB file produced of the pairings; a photographic certificate produced showing the baby with its parent(s) at a location with GPS coordinates and a copy of the actual birth as a video clip; a timestamp of the birth. Other data such as blood type, ear profile and retina imprint will be recorded.


Grandeo is a tech and innovation company building a new generation of blockchain products.

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